Tips For Living In Florida

Florida is a great place to live and work.  There is a wide diversity of people who live in Florida and depending on what age rage you fall into the area you live in can differ.  For many areas before they can be zoned for residential use need to have an elevation certificate pinellas county fl issued.  This certificate will ensure that whatever you build will be safe from rising tides and storms.

Enjoy the heat and sunshine

If you are going to live in Florida, you have to love the heat and sunshine.  Almost twelve months out of the year you will enjoy the warm sun and cool breezes Florida has to offer.  However, in November and December the temperature will drop for a significant part of the time. 


Traffic is light in many areas of Florida for most of the year.  In Daytona Beach for instance traffic will be stable and light.  During Spring Break and Bike Week however, expect high traffic congestion in many areas of the city.

Plenty of things to do

There is a lot to do in Florida.  If you like to sit and relax on the beach you can do that.  If you enjoy shopping there are countless stores, shops, boardwalks and even flea markets for you to explore.  Major attractions such as Disney World, Daytona Speedway and MGM Studios are all popular places to visit.

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Florida is rich in history.  Saint Augustine is a major attraction for those looking for a piece of history. 


Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach are all great places to go as jump off locations for cruises.   Many cruises will take you to the Caribbean and even down to Mexico.  If you enjoy traveling, then Florida is a great place to start your adventures.