Tops Tips Before Starting Any Demolition Project

When it comes to construction the most enjoyable part is the demolition.  When we demolish something, we can let out are anger, frustration and pent up energy.  Before demolition boston ma jobs can start, there are a few things that you need to do to prepare.  With each demolition project having different requirements, here are some generalizations to follow.

Cover ducts

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When doing a demo job in the home or where there are air ducts you want to cover first.  If you don’t cover the ducts, the dust and debris that you knock around will fall into the ducts and eventually make their way back into the air after the unit is turned back on.

Remove all screws and nails

As we demo sheetrock and other wall material in preparation of replacing with new material you will want to remove all the exposed nails, screws and staples that remain in the two by fours.  If you leave these in the wood, you will not have a flush fitting of the new materials and this can cause issues later on.

Wear safety glasses and other protective gear

Don’t start demolishing anything until you are protected.  Flying nails, screws and pieces of material can cause major damage to you and other parts of the property.  When wearing proper protection you are reducing the likelihood of harming yourself.

Use a crowbar and other tools

It is important that you use the proper tools when doing demolition.  When people hear the word demo, they think that they can go in and start smashing things up and go crazy.  In some cases, this might be the case, however, you don’t want to go crazy.  Demolition is a science as much as it is an art.    You want to go into the project using the proper tools and equipment.  Don’t knock down a wall with a hammer or pull a nail with a wrecking ball.  Use your tool correctly for the proper demolition results.